Frequently Asked Questions

You can signup online by visiting our Sign Up Page. 

Nope.  You do not need to be home or answer the door to receive deliveries.

We place your order into either a Milk Box or a Cooler, which needs to be on your porch the night before you are expecting delivery.  We strongly recommend placing either ice, frozen water bottles, or a few freezer packs into your cooler the morning of your delivery to assist in controlling the temperature.  We offer both a custom Milk Box and a high quality cooler that you can buy when you place your order.  It will be delivered along with your next delivery.  You can also use your own cooler if it is a quality cooler that is in good shape, can close properly and hold a temperature.   

Shatto Home Delivery offers a wide variety of products, ranging from all-natural award winning dairy products to local bread, meat and more.

Of course: you can make changes until until 7 p.m. three days prior to your delivery day by logging into your account from your computer, smart phone or tablet. (For example, if your delivery day is Friday, you have until 7 p.m. on Tuesday to make changes.) This ensures we can special order items such as bread that we have made for you the day it is to be delivered, ensuring you find the freshest products possible in your porch box.

Yes! While Shatto Home Delivery started with the intent of bringing back the Milkman, we are committed to also delivering a wide range of farm fresh, local, healthy items including baked goods, meats, snacks, and more.

Our service works for all types of households, including people living alone. The great thing about our service is that you order the products that fit the needs of your specific household. Then sit back and let us deliver.

You can skip a delivery if you need to by logging in to your account on your computer or mobile device.

A recurring order is the baseline order that you set up when you first sign in that will be delivered to you each week. When you add products to your order, you are given the option of adding those products for your Next Delivery only or as a Recurring Order item. Recurring Order products are those that you want to receive on a consistent schedule.

Once signed up, this should be the first thing that you do. Simply select the items that you would like delivered on a weekly basis. From there, you can add items to that recurring order as you would like.

Simply login to your account via our website. Click “shop” on the top tool bar and then begin to browse through the many local items we have to choose from. Once you select an item/items, select the recurring order pull down option and choose if you would like it delivered each week or every other week. Once you have placed all items in the shopping cart and assigned the appropriate recurring frequency, save your order changes and you will be set.


More questions? Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for even more helpful information.  Most importantly, a cooler/porch box is necessary and must be left out for your milkman each day in order to receive your delivery.